Monet had 4 adorable little puppies on April 30th and will be ready to fly on june 25th or                                                                                                     picked up in person on June 18.

1st pick- Available; Sold

2nd pick-Available; $100 deposit requested

3rd pick- Available; $100 deposit requested

4th pick-Available; $100 deposit requested


                                                   Our Malamutes are $1100 to $2000 depending on color

                            We make payment simple AND secure by using PAYPAL (3% fee for PayPal)or any check or wire transfer you prefer

  All our puppies come with *limited AKC registration so the puppy  has to be spray/neutered and cannot participate in some AKC events and cannot produce AKC register-able  puppies. We will give full registration for an extra $500 and only to approved homes.